Cotton Candy Machine

Create that carnival atmosphere!

This year, add some fun to your party with a cotton candy machine! This is great and easy way to add more another element to your party, all while keeping things simple! Turn the machine on and let it warm up. Once it is warm, add the floss sugar to the center and watch the magic happen! Take the paper cone and twist it as the cotton candy is dispensed from the middle. Your guests will love it!

What party wouldn’t love fresh cotton candy! 

Just like the state fair, you can create that carnival atmosphere! This concession rental is sure to please and bring back great memories for your adult guests.

Includes servings for 50 guests. Additional supplies available upon request.


$65.00 daily rental;

Table top & electricity needed!

Additional 50 servings – $15.00



~~~ Flavors ~~~

* Vanilla (PINK),

* Blue Raspberry (BLUE);

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